Service Configuration

The ClusterRunner service can be configured via the ~/.clusterrunner/clusterrunner.conf file, or by using options to override the default values via the following command:

~ $ clusterrunner deploy [options]

Deployment and configuration commands should be run from the ClusterMaster host

Configuration Options

Setting Options and Flags


A list of SSH-ready hostnames the master will initialize as slaves

default: localhost

[general]slaves: HOST1 [HOST2 ...]

-s, --slaves HOST [HOST2 ...]

Executors per Slave

The number of test processes allowed to execute concurrently per slave host

default: 1 (safest)

[slave]num_executors: INT

-n, --num-executors INT

Master Hostname

The hostname of the master

default: localhost (recommended)

[general]hostname: HOSTNAME

-m, --master HOSTNAME

Master Port

The port the master process will bind

default: 43000 (recommended)

[master]port: INT

--master-port INT

Slave Port

The port the slave process will bind

default: 43001 (recommended)

[slave]port: INT

--slave-port INT

Log Level

Log level for master and slave processes with options of DEBUG, INFO, NOTICE, WARNING, ERROR, and CRITIAL

default: WARNING (recommended)

[general]log_level: STRING