So what is ClusterRunner?

ClusterRunner is a tool designed to serve a single, critical purpose - to execute tests in the fastest way possible.

What we do

  1. Simple, expressive interfaces to define and trigger jobs
  2. Manage the status of a worker-node fleet
  3. Real-time scaling of job-clusters based on fleet availability
  4. Uses historic test-execution data to optimize cluster-groupings
  5. Aggregate and return test result artifacts

What we don’t do

We’ve specifically avoided trying to replace functionality provided by the common CI platforms (Jenkins/Travis/etc). This includes:

  1. Process and present the results of a job
  2. Manage relationships between test jobs
  3. Schedule the execution of jobs
  4. … many other CI things.

Platforms we support

  • Windows (beta)
  • OSX
  • Linux

In summary, whenever you run a test by calling a shell command, ClusterRunner can likely execute those same tests faster, safer, and more efficiently.